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$59.95 / Month for 1-50 Users

What's included for $59.95 / Month?
Virtual FlexPBX Phone System by DAGI
- Up to 50 Users
- Includes Auto-attendant for directing calls
- Direct Inward System Access (DISA) to provide outbound calls masked as your business Caller ID
- 1 Virtual Teleconference Room for hosting conference calls for unlimited number of users.

1 Month commitment, cancel any time after that! 

Bonus Offer: Any money spent on the DAGI Virtual FlexPBX will be credited against a phone system purchase from DAGI. Learn more about our complete FlexPBX solution by clicking Here.

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London, Ontario,
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P: (226) 781-3244
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Sarnia Office - Mailing/Administration

PO BOX 2866, STN Main
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‍P: (519) 704-5055
FAX: (519) 704-1583