Faxing using your Email/Scan-to-Email

The 'BASIC' method:Sending outbound faxes with the accounts' default cover page settings.

With this method, the 'To' Field in the cover page is populated by the system as noted, but you must specify this every time!  

1) Only authorized email addresses can successfully send an email fax. Your email can include a pdf, or other, attachment.  Many file formats are supported. 

2) Your email subject heading becomes the fax 'subject', which is used in the cover page. 

3) Your email body becomes the body text on the cover page.  Any attachments will follow as additional pages, behind the cover letter. 

4) IMPORTANT -- The TO: field MUST BE written in this format for it to appear on the cover page properly:

"To Name" <DEST_FAX_NUMBER@faxcloud.ca>

The example used in this test fax: 

"FlexPBX Test Fax" <15197041583@faxcloud.ca> 

5)  The 'From' field on the cover page is populated with the 'from' information provided by the sender's email account.  

6)  Note for HTML email:
If you send a message in PLAIN TEXT then the body of the email will be placed into the body of the cover page.

If you send a message in HTML, the body of the email will be reproduced on a separate page and will be treated as an attachment.

Lastly, if you send a message in PLAIN TEXT and in HTML then the HTML portion will be ignored - and the email will be considered as PLAIN TEXT.

Using this 'basic' method resulted in the below fax (only the 'to' portion of the cover page is presented here):